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I am following this tutorial to post from front end. I am able to post the title, content, category, tags, I would like to know is it possible to add more fields like in the image below. How to increment field-set? and how to add edit the post from the front end itself?

basically this what I want to do. front end post with advanced fields

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I believe it is better if you use the ajax method instead of sending the POST to the same page.

You can use javascript to increment the form / fieldset. Use an array for the name e.g

<input type="text" name="ingredient[]"/>

If you want to edit the post, just you us the saved data on the value attribute, e.g

<input type="text" name="ingredient[]" value="<?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, 'ingredient[0]', true) ?>"/>

If the post meta using a same meta_key, just put it in the for each loop.

Hope this help

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