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Is there a reliable plugin that I could use to automatically backup the WP database? It's really important that it's just the database and not the files.

I'd like it to automatically download a copy of the database and store it on my computer in a specified file.

Is there one out there that could do this?

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BackWPup has a lot of flexibility in timing, what to backup (down to the DB table level), and it can store to DropBox which would put it on your computer.

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Backup Buddy is my absolute favorite. Features:

  • db only backups
  • full backups
  • migration tool
  • scheduled backups to email or remote server
  • malware inspection


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Useful Information.just go through the link & you will get lot of details about backup plugin and More useful i submitted for you.Enjoy.:)

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External link(s) alone doesn't make a good answer. Please include at least summary of information which can be found at a link. –  Rarst Nov 9 '11 at 22:20
@:Rarst: Thanks for your advice.i'll do it in upcoming days. –  Ramkumar Nov 14 '11 at 5:13

If you are looking for all in one plugin for WordPress backup, deliver and restore operations, then I would recommend you to take a look at HotBackup plugin. I could enable database backup only and connect it to your Dropbox account. Then backups will be created by a schedule and automatically uploads to your Dropbox account and then to your pc.

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