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I've had a look at many of the available plugins but they all seem to be too difficult to use or do not provide enough flexibility.

Plugins I've already tried:

  • WP Post Columns
  • Magazine Columns
  • WP Columns
  • WP Easy Columns

I've also look at one that allowed for per-page sidebars which could work but the column is separate for the content making it difficult to manage, and the lack of a WYSIWYG editor makes it difficult for those not familiar with HTML.

What I'm Trying Achieve:

The project I'm working on requires that the people responsible for entering the content be able to add content to a 3/4 column that is the main content and a 1/4 column that is informational content relating to the main content. The content of the 1/4 column will change depending on the page.

To most developers, it's simple to write HTML to do that in the post's content but the people that will be adding/modifying the content don't know HTML so I'm looking for alternatives. I would prefer if they didn't have to remember codes (or short codes).

To complicate things, I have 3 templates: "1 column", "2 columns (1/4, 3/4)" and "2 columns (3/4, 1/4)".

The Question:

Has anyone come up with a simple solution to this problem? Is there a plugin that I'm not aware of that would add the ability to have multiple content (column) for a single page? Or is there something that would allow me to add a WYSIWYG editor to widgets?

I look forward to your thoughts and recommendations.

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a few plugins - pods, magic fields, custom fields template.

or you can DIY with some meta boxes and tinymce editors, see this answer.

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I had a look at your suggestions. I find "pods" to offer much more than what I need, "magic field" doesn't seem so bad and so is "custom fields template" but I was hoping for something a little more intuitive (that looks built-in as opposed to a separate metabox). I'll play around with the DIY option later today and see how that goes. –  indexdotphp Jul 8 '11 at 15:47

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