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I was looking at the scripts included with WP and dont see what I can include to use jQuery UI Auto Complete. What do I use? I tried including the whole jQuery UI from Google CDN and auto complete works but some parts of the admin dashboard fails. eg. Custom Menus

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WordPress uses the jQuery Suggest plugin, which existed before Autocomplete was added to UI. You can enqueue 'suggest' to load it if it'll work for your needs.

Otherwise I think you'd have to build a custom jQuery UI download and then just extract the Autocomplete code, otherwise you'll have two versions of things stepping on each other and you'll get the failure you describe.

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What version of jQuery/UI does WP use? Also Auto Complete uses Widget & Position what WP Scripts do I need? – JM at Work Jul 8 '11 at 2:40
look in wp-includes/js/jquery/. looks like UI version is 1.8.12. I see ui.widget.js and ui.position.js files, try enqueueing 'jquery-ui-position' and 'jquery-ui-widget' along with 'jquery-ui-core'. – Milo Jul 8 '11 at 3:38

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