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is it possible to create a subcategory.php

and use it to manage subcats.

or is there a way to get around this.

if it is not possible.. is there something like this

<?php if(is_subcategory() || child() ) {
//do stuff
} else {
// do else
} ?>
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I don't think it is possible to create a subcategory.php, but you can do the following in your category.php:

$category = get_category( get_query_var( 'cat' ) );

if( !empty( $category->parent ) ) { // the category has a parent, so it is a subcategory
    // do stuff
} else {
    // do else
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hey sorich87...thank you very much.. i appreciate it greatly man.. keep up the good work..i wish u success – andrewk Sep 26 '10 at 21:51
you are welcome. thanks for the wishes! :D – sorich87 Sep 26 '10 at 22:25

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