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I am using the below function to update the post meta from the front end. How can I add add best a textarea that updates the_content() using wp_update_post()?

if ( isset( $_POST['albums'] ) && wp_verify_nonce($_POST['albums'],'update_albums_postmeta') ) 
    { //if nonce check succeeds.
        global $post;
        $postid = $post->ID;
        $data = $_POST['priceone'];
        $data = $_POST['pricetwo'];



So this snippet is posting changes to the database, however when the page refreshes on-submit the old the_content() is being shown. The post must manually be refreshed to see the changes.

Is my snippet malformed?

if ( isset( $_POST['drw_inventory'] ) && wp_verify_nonce($_POST['drw_inventory'],'update_drw_postmeta') ) 
    { //if nonce check succeeds.
        global $post;
        $data_content = $_POST['description'];

        $my_post = array();
        $my_post['ID'] = $post->ID;
        $my_post['post_content'] = $data_content;
        wp_update_post( $my_post );
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where are you using this code? – Hameedullah Khan Jul 7 '11 at 5:56
the top of content-pt-album.php, pt being post type. Its modeled after twentyeleven. – mattrepublic Jul 7 '11 at 13:11
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It depends on where you're using this. Is global $post giving you the specific post that you want to update? Your Wordpress update post code looks right to me, but is the if-statement valid, and is $post->ID yielding the correct int?

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Yes, $post and $post->ID are producing the right outputs. :) – mattrepublic Jul 24 '11 at 12:47

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