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How can i get a page ID from the Admin backend? I'm saving data into a metabox on a 'Page' post type, and I need to return that data on the page in another area. But $post->ID obviously dose not work... What will work? Thanks

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$post->ID will always work on a post/page edit page. You might have to do 'global $post' depending on where you are using it. But it will always work. – Hameedullah Khan Jul 7 '11 at 9:08

Take a look this page from the codex. When creating a metabox, one of the options is a callback, which when called take a paramater for $post, which is the same as calling global $post ( as a side note, you can still do this in the backend Admin and get all the same variables. )

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This is what I needed $_REQUEST['post']

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Maybe this plugin: http://www.primothemes.com/post/product/wp-show-ids-plugin/ is what you want.

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are you working with a custom post type for page?

You can always use get_post_meta() in your template to get the post type value and if its not there it doesn't matter.

** EDIT **

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you have 2 pages and you're trying to get the information in a meta box from one and load it in to the other?

If so the best way is to get set a custom field up to store a number which would be the post ID, then in the front end call it out.

The other options is to set up a custom post type with a specific meta box set up to build a list of 'Pages' then you can select from to then pull in a meta value associated with it.

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