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I want list the popular posts.popular post is defined by number of comments.If number of comment is high it will consider as popular.

How can i do this !

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You can easily sort by native post fields, so try something like this:

$posts  = get_posts( array(
                 'numberposts' => 10,
                 'orderby' => 'comment_count',
                 ) );
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It works fine thanks – Gowri Jul 5 '11 at 14:11

Copy paste the following code, where you want to display the popular posts

$popular = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT id, post_title, comment_count FROM {$wpdb->prefix}posts WHERE post_type='post' ORDER BY comment_count DESC LIMIT 10");

foreach($popular as $posts) : ?>
<li> <?php echo $posts->post_title; ?> </li>
<?php endforeach; ?>
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make a try on WordPress Popular Posts Plugin. In this Plugin we having the option to sort with comment for popular post.:)

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