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I've added a few checkbox options to the default widget form. But I'm stuck on how to access these option states and pass them along during the widget save event (widget_update_callback) so that they can be saved by WP to the DB.

How do I pass my custom form values to WP to save as widget options for each widget?

In the first function, I'm Appending my checkbox options to all widgets control panels...

add_filter('in_widget_form', 'wse_widget_context_form');

function wse_widget_context_form(){

$checked = ' checked="checked"';
<div class="wse_context">
        <li>Don't show this widget on: </li>
        <li><label><input value="on" type="checkbox" name="noHome" id="noHome"<?php if(isset($instance['noHome'])) echo $checked ?> />Home Page</label></li> 
        <li><label><input value="on" type="checkbox" name="noPosts" id="noPosts"<?php if(isset($instance['noPosts'])) echo $checked ?> /> Posts</label></li>
        <li><label><input value="on" type="checkbox" name="noPages" id="noPages"<?php if(isset($instance['noPages'])) echo $checked ?> /> Pages</label></li>
        <li><label><input value="on" type="checkbox" name="noCats" id="noCats"<?php if(isset($instance['noCats'])) echo $checked ?> /> Categories</label></li>

Callback function is below. $instance doesn't contain the custom form values, only the default widget values (text and content). How do I append my custom options to $instance?

add_filter('widget_update_callback', 'wse_widget_context_callback');

function wse_widget_context_callback($instance){
    echo 'instance: '.$instance.'<br/>'; // returns array but no custom form values

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What widget are you dealing with? – eddiemoya Jul 10 '12 at 23:17

Not sure if you're still struggling with this, but for anyone that is, here's the solution:

Add the following arguments to wse_widget_context_form(): $widget, $return and $instance

Then use the following to get field IDs and field names: <?php echo $widget->get_field_id('field_name'); ?> and <?php echo $widget->get_field_name('field_name'); ?> respectively. e.g.

<li><label><input value="on" type="checkbox" name="<?php echo $widget->get_field_name('noHome'); ?>" id="<?php echo $widget->get_field_id('noHome'); ?>"<?php if(isset($instance['noHome'])) echo $checked ?> />Home Page</label></li>

Hope that helps!

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I think you are dealing with same functionality with http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/widget-context/

you can check it out for the structure of code on how it does

I hope this give idea and help

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