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I'm doing a site for a wine importer. The wines have many custom taxonomies (type of wine, import/domestic, etc.)

When adding a wine, the taxonomies show up in the right column but not the way I'd like. The default is a form input field with a link under that says: "Choose from most used taxonomyname"

I'd like the taxonomies to show up as a checklist. Or at least with the clickable tag cloud to default to open.

The point here is I'd like to save my client from having to click to create a tag cloud every time.

Any way to do this? Thanks, Jim

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The default UI view for a hierarchical custom taxonomy is a series of checkboxes. It sounds like wine taxonomies have a one to many relationship so you should be set.

If you are registering your taxonomy using PHP add hierarchical => true to your configuration options.

register_taxonomy( 'xxx', 'post', array( ... 'hierarchical' => true , ...) ); } ?>

If you are using a plugin there should be an option to set a taxonomy to hierarchical.



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