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I would like to know how to modify the way wordpress displays the comments in a page. The requirement at hand is to display a certain number of comments in the comments list and while the the user scrolls to the bottom of the comments list (not on the page), a new set of comments will be appended to the comments list (if there are more comments to be displayed).

I have the following code to call the comments to be displayed:


$page = $_GET['cpage'];
    echo loadComments($page);                          

function loadComments($page=1)
    global $wpdb;   


    // get comments from WordPress database 
    $numRows = $wpdb->get_var("SELECT COUNT(*)
                            FROM $wpdb->comments 
                            WHERE comment_approved = '1' 
                                AND NOT (comment_type = 'pingback' OR comment_type = 'trackback')");            

    if ($numRows > $number)
    else {


    // get comments from WordPress database 
    $comments = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT * FROM $wpdb->comments 
                                    WHERE comment_approved = '1' 
                                        AND NOT (comment_type = 'pingback' OR comment_type = 'trackback')
                                    ORDER BY comment_date_gmt ASC 
                                    LIMIT $getnumber");     

    $comments=array_slice($comments, $getnumber-$number, $number);          
    if ( $comments )

        // display comments one by one
        foreach ($comments as $comment)
            if ($page <= $pages)
                $result.= '<li id="comment-'.$comment->comment_ID.'" class="leftcolumn"><div class="commenttext"><div style="padding:20px 0 0 10px;"><img src="/wp-content/themes/twentyten/images/headers/ImgQuotationMarkOpen.gif" alt="" title="" class="openarrow" />'.
                        '</div><div style="padding:0 10px 0 40px;"><p>'.$comment->comment_content.'</p></div>'.
                        '<div style="padding:0 10px 0 0; text-align:right;"><img src="/wp-content/themes/twentyten/images/headers/ImgQuotationMarkClose.gif" alt="" title="" style="border:0;" class="closearrow"/></div>'.
                        '</div></li>'.'<li class="middlecolumn"><img src="/wp-content/themes/twentyten/images/headers/ImgBubbleTopRight.gif" class="pointerarrow" /></li>'.
                        '<li class="rightcolumn" id='.$comment->comment_ID.'">'.'<div style="padding:25px 0 0 10px; line-height:10px;" class="commenttextright">'.
                        '<span class="author" style="text-decoration:none;">'.$comment->comment_author.'</span><div style="height:5px;"></div>'.
                        '<span style="font-family:Arial; font-size:12px;">'.mysql2date('j-n-Y',$comment->comment_date).'</span>'.
                        '</div></li><div style="clear:both;"></div><div style="height:10px;"></div>'.
                        '<div style="height:1px; border-bottom:1px dashed  #3e3e3e;"></div><div style="height:10px;"></div>';           

            $result = '';
    return $result;


and this is the ajax call to append a new set of comments:

function updatestatus(){
    //Show number of loaded items
    var totalItems=$('.commentlist li div.commenttext').length;
    $('#status').text('Loaded '+totalItems+' Items');

function scrollalert(){
    var scrolltop=$('.commentlist').attr('scrollTop');
    var scrollheight=$('.commentlist').attr('scrollHeight'); //825
    var windowheight=$('.commentlist').attr('clientHeight'); //600
    var scrolloffset=20;
    if(scrolltop >= (scrollheight - (windowheight + scrolloffset)))
        //fetch new items
        if (count > 0 )
            $('#status').text('Loading more items...');
            $.get('/wp-content/themes/twentyten/commentloader.php?cpage='+count, '', function(newitems){           
                if (newitems != '')
                    // prevent from appending content
                    count = -1;
            $('#status').text('No more items to load...');

  setTimeout('scrollalert();', 1500);

I tried adding the two files inside the themes folder and adding a reference to header.php for js file. This works but I have to set paging on for the comments and hide the navigation. If you could provide a better way to achieve (may be create a plugin?) I will greatly appreciate it. I am new to WordPress and will be delighted if you'll lead me to the right direction.

Thanks, RNorbe

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WordPress has own and very specific Ajax implementation, loading core for this is doing it wrong.

Start with reading AJAX in Plugins in Codex.

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Thanks I'm reading this now. Do you know of any other links that has a how-to guide on how to create plugins? – Newbie Jul 4 '11 at 11:39
@Newbie there are quiet a few links at the end of that article for further reading. And of course you can ask new question later if you have issues implementing what you want. – Rarst Jul 4 '11 at 12:15

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