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i have a wordpress site that has around 20000 post it gets slow at generating pagination. i have traced the problem.

$my_query = new WP_Query($query_string ."&posts_per_page=-1");
$total_posts = $my_query->post_count;

is there any other faster way to get total post on a selected category.

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I have one solution for you. This code will show and unordered list with the name of the category and the count of posts containded in it.

<ul class="myClass">
 <?php $categories = get_categories('number=100');
       foreach ($categories as $cat) {
       echo "<li>". $cat->cat_name . " Total posts: ". $cat->category_count ."</li>";
       } ?>

Retrieves the 100 first categories

$categories = get_categories('number=100');

and for each of them shows cat_name and category_count

Well the result I presume you really need can now be handled in a var by $cat->category_count, i.e:

$total_num_posts_in_your_category = $cat->category_count

I hope that could help you.

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It seems there isn't one. The default WordPress count function does not support category posts count:


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you can use get_category :

 $thisCat = get_category(get_query_var('cat'),false);
$total_posts = $thisCat->count;
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Is there really a function named count that does nothing than count( $thisCat )? – kaiser Jul 3 '11 at 21:30
I'm not sure i get the question, but if you're refering to the count php function, well that is not the case here. – Bainternet Jul 3 '11 at 23:36
My failure. Haven't seen that it gets delivered with the object. – kaiser Jul 4 '11 at 1:49

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