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Do you any good book or video tutorials that easily explain how can I make my own theme for Wordpress? and how to change the structure of the content?


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I would start with the Codex:

  1. WordPress Codex: Theme Development

These two books are still current enough to remain great resources:

  1. Smashing WordPress Themes, Thord Daniel Hedengren
  2. Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes, Alan Cole, Jeffrey Way, et al

These also have Theme applicability:

  1. Digging Into WordPress, Chris Coyier, Jeff Starr
  2. Professional WordPress Plugin Development, Brad Williams et al
  3. Professional WordPress, Brad Williams et al
  4. WordPress Bible, Aaron Brazell

Most of the rest are either too general, or too outdated.


Forgot to add Digging Into WordPress!

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