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I have a site some having job postings running using jobber base. Now I am going to shift it in WP using jobroller theme that is of 99 USD. I am a developer who always like MVC rather than these CMS. I was thinking of doing it in Yii. But now I came to know about job roller. So I have 2 questions.

Is jobroller worth 99 USD and will it work for my product? Can WP handle this if I want to do changes every week. As I told earlier, I am also a developer. So I will be doing changes in it but I doubt that I will not be able to do this in such friendly way as it can be easily done in an MVC framework. I am always in favor of OOP and MVC. But I actually don't have much time to develop my own.

So guys please advise me that should I spend some more time and do it in MVC once or I should once continue with WP? Can any one tell me about big sites that are developed in WP?

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Any progress over here? – kaiser Oct 24 '11 at 12:55
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About OOP Themes) There are dozens of Theme- & Plugin-"Frameworks" out there. And some are OOP.

About custom coding) You could also try libraries like WP Alchemy for meta boxes and custom content. "Rilwis" offers another one. Then you could use some front end code to insert stuff into Custom Post types.

About "Jobroller") You should post/ask your Q about "Jobroller" in detail at their page. Furthermore is it hard to know if it's a) commercial and b) you didn't explain your needs in detail.

About WP & Performance) Take a look at this Q for a more in depth look.

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