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I created this widget using a simple example on WordPress Codex:


function widget_container_latest_posts() {
                             global $wpdb;
                  global $post;
                                get_template_part( '/includes/containers/container-latest-posts' );

    'Container Latest Posts',
    'description' => 'Container Latest Posts - Adds recent posts.'

It works fine, but I want this widget to be used multiple times not only one time after I drag it on a sidebar widgets place, and so I can add it on all the other sidebars for example. Thank

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You need to implement your Widget using the Widgets API, so that WordPress knows how to make multiple instances of the Widget.

Your Widget declaration should take the following format:

class My_Widget extends WP_Widget {
    function My_Widget() {
        // widget actual processes

    function form($instance) {
        // outputs the options form on admin

    function update($new_instance, $old_instance) {
        // processes widget options to be saved

    function widget($args, $instance) {
        // outputs the content of the widget

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