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I have come across a problem whilst using the next_post_link() function. It seems that this function automatically echo's, for position reasons I need this to just return the link. Is there any available function or workaround that I can use to achieve this result?

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try to work with http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/get_adjacent_post;


$next_post_link_url = get_permalink( get_adjacent_post(false,'',false)->ID ); 
$prev_post_link_url = get_permalink( get_adjacent_post(false,'',true)->ID );
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Bear in mind this will only get the adjacent URL - you'll have to generate the HTML like next_post_link does yourself. – TheDeadMedic Jun 27 '11 at 14:57

If you take a look at the source, next_post_link is just a wrapper for adjacent_post_link.

Unfortunately, this function doesn't take any form of 'echo' parameter, so you'll either need to replicate the code in your own function & return the value, or catch it in an output buffer;

$next_post_link = ob_get_clean();
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Actually, yes: just use get_next_posts_link(), using the same arguments.

The next_posts_lin() function simply echoes the returned value of get_next_posts_link().


Erm, nevermind. I mis-read the function name.

You could use get_next_post(), which returns a post object; then you could get the permalink from the returned ID object parameter:

$nextpost = `get_next_post( $args )`;
$nextpostid = $nextpost->ID;
$nextpostlink = get_permalink( $nextpostid );
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