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I'm looking to show the tags of a post within a widget. I know this is hard because it's outside of the loop, but has it been done, is there one available?

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Tags can be shown outside the Post loop using the global functions.

Step 1 : Get a PHP Code Widget (this solved many problems)

Step 2 : Place the Code <?php the_tags(); ?> in widget and Save.

Check Tags Documentation to tweak display order.

All done just rock and roll.

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Nice! This worked for me. Tags in Widget. – Rafee Dec 10 '12 at 12:45

Its not very hard actually, WordPress supports multiple loops and query's.

The best way to create a secondary (or more) loop is to make an instance of WP Query

Using that you can make a simple query that gets the posts tags using wp_get_post_tags

Then you would throw the code into a widget.

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