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We're creating a site where we want guest users to add pages to a favourites list (post IDs), so they can print or email their selection if they want.

What would the best way be to do this in WordPress? I think ajax but I'm not too sure how to save it in the WordPress framework.

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you can do this with javascript only, and cookies (unless you need to send that email from your site, which is probably not a good idea to do for guests) – onetrickpony Jun 23 '11 at 17:54
I appreciate this something some sites provide, but isn't it just recreating existing browser functionality? I never saw the point much in that - although that might just be me. – ZweiBlumen Dec 1 '11 at 9:50

Cookies, or even HTML5 local storage, seem like a good way to implement this. Here's some basic code that could serve as a starting point. Post IDs are stored as CSV in the cookie.

// Load current favourite posts from cookie
$favposts = (isset($_COOKIE['favposts'])) ? explode(',', (string) $_COOKIE['favposts']) : array();
$favposts = array_map('absint', $favposts); // Clean cookie input, it's user input!

// Add (or remove) favourite post IDs
$favposts[] = $post->ID;

// Update cookie with new favourite posts
$time_to_live = 3600 * 24 * 30; // 30 days
setcookie('favposts', implode(',', array_unique($favposts)), time() + $time_to_live);
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You can save the information directly to a database table, so you'd have a table of userIDs associated with postIDs, and to get the list of posts that user has favorited, you can run a query on the database.

See: Class Reference/wpdb

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