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I'm using Contact Form 7. I have used it once in my wordpress website as a simple contact form. Now I have to add another contact form for registration process if someone would like to apply for a job. Now, do I have to install again the plugin? Or can I use it again? I would like also to add some function on the registration form for the applicants.


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Not really a programming question. – Sparky672 Jun 23 '11 at 4:26
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Just copy the shortcode of contact form7 and use it Any where you want and 'N' of times in a single website & If you want same page itself you can do it.Just Paste the Shortcode where you need.That's it.No Need to Install again..

hi,if you get answer means accept any answer or give vote up...it would help us to improving quality answers... – Ramkumar Jun 23 '11 at 12:55

You don't have to install the plugin again. You can use Contact Form 7 to create as many forms as you like. See the documentation.


If you want to use Contact form 7, You just have to click on add new and generate a new form. Then use shortcode.

If you want some extra functionality then - you can choose some other plugin. Here is a plugin which i am using for one of my clients site.

Visual Form Builder -https://wordpress.org/plugins/visual-form-builder/


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