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I need to call the alt tag for images on my site dynamically. The only thing I can find online is to use the post title function but that doesn't really help me out.

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Can you provide a bit more detail? What images do you want to provide dynamic ALT tags? What dynamic data do you want to provide as ALT tags? – Chip Bennett Jun 22 '11 at 14:18

I believe the alt attribute of the image is stored in post_content, isn't it?

To get the alt tag for an image with attachment ID $attachment_ID, you would just call:

$alt_text = get_post( $attachment_ID )->post_content;

To actually display the alt text dynamically on images that are already embedded in posts, you would have to do some heavy regex processing on the_content filter.

If you wanted to set it dynamically when adding the image to a post, I would add a filter on image_send_to_editor.

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