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Am Using Wordpress Blog.Here i want Use Tweetmeme Plugin.I want to show the output of the Tweetmeme Plugin to Customizing place(Side of the Post[Not Before or After]).The Plugin Creators are providing Shortcode.Shall i Use this shortcode in Template?I Guess this is not possible.So we need to change Shortcode as a function.How to Create a function from Shortcode?please help me.

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Have you tried using the do_shortcode() function?


I'm not familiar with the TweetMeme shortcode, but here's an example usage for putting a NextGen Gallery directly into a template file:

echo do_shortcode( '[slideshow id="1" w="603" h="270"]' );

Simply replace with the appropriate shortcode (and parameters) for TweetMeme.

Codex ref: do_shortcode()


With TweetMeme, you have another option:

  1. Change the Plugin "where" setting from "shortcode" to "manual"
  2. Place the tweetmeme() function in your Theme template file where you want to output the TweetMeme button.
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your Answer was Excellent. But it's not working for Tweetmeme plugin. I added this coding... <?php do_shortcode('[tweetmeme]');?> <?php echo do_shortcode('[tweetmeme]'); ?> Anything Wrong here? – Ramkumar Jun 21 '11 at 13:58
Why are you calling do_shortcode() twice? Also, see my edited answer for another option. – Chip Bennett Jun 21 '11 at 14:19
Thx yaar,It's Working fine... – Ramkumar Jun 21 '11 at 14:32

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