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This might be an annoying question, since there are some pretty good answers to this question, but they are 9 months old, so please but bare with me. I would like to have some input to point me to the right direction.

I'm looking to integrate a simple forum for a Wordpress project. The forum must haves:

  • Simple threads, similar to the WP threaded comments system.
  • Ability to display only the forum login page as forum front page.
  • Ability to show only the forum the user is registered to, or the forum the admin assigns the user to. In a way the flow is:
    Click on forums page > Login > Browse only one specific forum.
  • Ability to show some info about each of the users: phone, email, etc.
  • Ability to register without going to wp-admin

    What I need is way less then what vBulletin or phpBB or even SimplePress provide, i just need a place for users to chat on specific topics and get in touch. I've tried to use bbPress, as it is as close as it gets to what I wanted, but they don't have the ability to close forums for specific groups of users, so maybe one can point me to the right software of combination of plugins. Thanks in advance.

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BuddyPress, maybe? – Blender Jun 20 '11 at 20:47
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Have you beta-tested the bbPress Plugin? It should meet most of these needs.

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Yes I have, but there isn't an option to show specific forum for specific user groups. There are some plugins out there like "Hidden Forums", but those haven't been updated for three years. I might be wrong, though... – Daniel Sachs Jun 20 '11 at 21:00
It might not do that out of the box, but since it's a WordPress Plugin, it is certainly capable of implementing something like that. I'm not sure, but BuddyPress might be helpful for per-user-group forum management, as well. – Chip Bennett Jun 20 '11 at 21:07

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