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Suppose I have a post meta like "Region" it will contain values like "Region 1", "Region 2" etc. But it should only contain ONE value. Also I would like it to have an archive page. If I use custom taxonomy, users can select more than 1 value. Is it possible to have a drop down type selection instead?

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For mutually exclusive values use post meta. It is faster to read than assigned taxonomies too.

It is possible to create your own interface:

  1. Set the parameter show_ui to false when you register the taxonomy.
  2. Register a meta box where you print out all existing taxons with radio boxes.
  3. Add a save action to assign the value to the taxonomy.

But in most cases you’re doing something wrong and misuse the taxonomy. ;)

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curious, why is meta faster? why would this be a misuse of the taxonomy? i've done something similar and have been wondering whether to use tax or meta. – helgatheviking Jan 9 '12 at 16:36
@helgatheviking The query for taxonomies is rather complex: It asks three tables (terms, term_relationships and term_taxonomy) and is harder to optimize than the query for post meta which just asks posts and post_meta. But if your post meta contains serialized data it will be very slow of course. :) – toscho Jan 9 '12 at 20:47

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