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Is there a way (a common one) to duplicate and change a theme widget ?

I'm asking this because, I have this widget that displays the recent news and if we click, it will display ALL news, but I wish to create a new widget that lists the latest articles (posts with a category "articles"), and if we click, that lists ALL articles.

Is there any widget like this that someone knows about ? If not, where should I look at in order to duplicate and change a theme widget ?

Thanks a lot

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Widgets extend the Widget Class, search in the theme code for a class that extends WP_Widget. Copy/Paste it, rename it, and change what you'd like.

You can also look in the file wp-includes/default-widgets.php and use one of those as a starting point.

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thanks a lot. I'm just looking at it. ;) – MEM Jun 19 '11 at 17:40

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