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I have a custom post type that is set to have hierarchy. I'm trying to create a list of posts in that post type that display's that hierarchy using nested unordered lists. I have this post structure:

Post -child post -- child of child post -- child of child post

And I want to be able to create a list of posts (which i guess are behaving more like pages since they have hierarchy), that reflects this structure using unordered lists, like so:

       <li>child post
           <li>child of child post</li>
           <li>chld of child post</li>

What's the best way to do this (if there is one) so that I don't have to go back into the code whenever I add new parent pages?

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<ul id="my_cutom_type-list">
    <?php wp_list_pages( 'post_type=my_custom_type&title_li=' ); ?>
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Haha. Wow, I feel stupid. Thanks. I somehow had it in my head that list_pages wouldn't work because they were "post" types and didn't even bother to try it. Thank you!. – Appledore Jun 18 '11 at 3:07

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