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Is there a way / set of plugins that could enable discussion where each commenter is 'authenticated' with the site (via openid/fb/twitter/etc) but the commenter can still use a anonymous/fake name?

Basically we want to avoid people using other peoples email addresses and masquerading as them (in a university situation, its not difficult to work out someone else's email...)

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if you want the comments anonymous to the site's visitors, you could handle this in your comments template by simply not outputting any identifying information. display a name derived from their id, and only show the nickname if they enter one.

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Why not just use Disqus or IntenseDebate or any one of the other commenting Plugins, and let the third-party service handle authentication? That way, users can control their level of anonymity.

If you just need to prevent email address impersonation (but don't need anonymity), use Gravatar.

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