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The problem I am facing right now is, that I can't use functions provided by wordpress plugins on my "Home" page.

To be precise: I use wordpress together with the wp-e-commerce plugin, which has no real documentation. I had a template with some js-written checkout script which I need to replace with wp-e-commerce.

The frontpage showed a featured product and some jcarousel to show other products. The only thing I'd need to change are the functions, f.e. the_title() -> wpsc_the_product_title().

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wp e-commerce has a few shortcodes for displaying products, you may be able to use one of these:

display products set as "featured":


show a whole category:


the products are stored as a custom post type named "wpsc-product", so you could also just use all of the built in WordPress functions for querying and displaying posts, along with the wp e-commerce function for displaying the add to cart controls:

<?php echo wpsc_add_to_cart_button(1); ?>
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