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I am wondering how do you create a home page with a custom design like banners different layout from other pages while allowing users to edit it.

I used to use home.php problem is user cannot edit it ... unless they know PHP.

An option will be to create shortcodes for each section of the home page eg. [banner], [services] or even an empty tag [latestBlogPosts] etc. I dont think its correct.

Whats the way of accomplishing this? A quick "mockup" below of a typical home page

enter image description here

Things like latest blog post and portfolio are dynamic from wordpress.

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who are the 'users'? is that for a distributable theme? or for multisite? – Michael Jun 14 '11 at 12:35
@Michel, by users I mean either clients, or users that use the theme – JM at Work Jun 15 '11 at 5:38
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First, do not use home.php for this purpose. It is a reserved template file name, and is used to display the Blog Posts Index.

Your best option is probably to create a front-page.php template file, and make the output Widget-based, so that users can modify the display via Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets.

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