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I have a personally hosted WordPress installation. When I write a new post I want an excerpt of the post and a link to it to be posted to a different blog (via the Blogger or MetaWeblog APIs). I've seen it done before, though I don't know if WordPress was the platform of the original blog post. Is there a plugin to do this, or a setting I don't see perhaps?

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If you're looking to create a sort of aggregator-like feel, check out the Syndicate Out, CrossPress, and FeedWordPress plugins.

Possible issues include:

  • All are plugins not officially updated for WP3.0
  • Syndicate Out only supports XML-RPC at present
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This might not be a direct solution. But, if you use posterous or amplify, then they let you autopost content to multiple locations, and it's not just the feed aggregation. Just set them up to auto post to your WP blog and anywhere else you please.

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I think what you saw and want is Trackbacks. This should be enough to send you on a Google chase, but you can start at the WordPress' own description of it.

Notice however that trackbacks were exploited by spammers so much that a lot of places turn them off. But I guess if you are trying to link two of your own blogs up or if the target blog clearly supports trackbacks, you might be in luck.

For WordPress, I think if you include an article link, that article will be pinged automatically. But there is also a little box of addresses to ping at the bottom of the post screen. You may need to do some research to figure out exactly what URL to put in it.

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This isn't quite what I'm looking for. Thanks though. –  Ricket Aug 12 '10 at 2:55

Check out this related question.

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This is definitely just a suggestion, I hope it helps: I use Posterous as my blogging platform and it allows me to forward to a lot of different platforms including wordpress. Because you're going to be posting an excerpt somewhere else, I suggest using Posterous to mainly post it and it will also save you time looking for other plugins like a facebook one. The feature on posterous is called Auto-Post.

If you're looking for an easy fix, services that use RSS like feedburner automatically post excerpts to readers (like Google Reader).

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Depending on your dev skills you could just program this yourself and hook into the publish function. and call any api or do whatever you want :-). If you need more specifics, you should be more specific on where you want to go and what exactly you want to send there.

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