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I am newbie to wordpress and just started to play with themes. My problem is I want to change the css of the content part and for that I want to know by default the content comes in the blog page comes from which page. I made echo from many pages but not got any result. Can any one tell me all the contents comes from which page?

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I'll refer you to the excellent template hierarchy diagram from the Codex, which explains how template files are chosen:

WordPress template hierarchy

That explains the "which page" aspect of your question, but you also mentioned modifying CSS based on content. The body_class() function should be a part of your template, and it will apply a number of classes to the <body> tag which allow you to target CSS at specific types of content. For example, given a category "spooky," this CSS rule would give all "spooky" pages a black background:

.category-spooky { background-color: #000; }

Many other variations exist, for other types of targeting.

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