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http://localhost/lyrics/don't-turn-me-away/ is a custom post type.

my question is how to display http://localhost/lyrics/ as a page and not an archive?

my goal really is just for it be added to wp_nav_menu.

I have created a page named lyrics but it won't direct me there. Instead it brings me to archive.php. With that, the lyrics in menu, don't have the current-menu-item class.

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Look for this in the code where you registered the lyrics post type:

'has_archive' => true,

Set 'has_archive' => false. That won't work right away, however. So you need to go in an "refresh" your permalinks. Just go to the permalinks options page, and hit the save button.

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Also, you can add custom links to the menus in the menu editing screen. Just copy the localhost/lyrics/ url and past it into the custom link box. If you're going to be adding a lot of lyrics, you're better off creating a nice archive-lyrics.php and letting wordpress build the page for you. – chrisguitarguy Jun 10 '11 at 3:32
geezz!! You're the man! thanks... – Reigel Jun 10 '11 at 3:50

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