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I have a wp_nav_menu showing pages, but I'd also like to include a log in/out link, based on the current state of the user, which will redirect them to the home page.

I've looked far and wide, but how can I implement this in a wp_nav_menu?

Thanks, Dennis

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Use the wp_nav_menu_items hook to add a filter which will allow you to add your login / logout link.

Use wp_loginout() to display a status aware login / logout link. Codex page.

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Is there any similar way to display 'register' link in top menu? – a_fan Nov 23 '11 at 12:11
Got it! Posted as a complementary answer. – a_fan Nov 23 '11 at 12:29

Use the following to display Register/Site Admin & Log in/Log out link in menu:

function show_register_login_link($nav) {
    // The "Register" link is not offered if the Administration > Settings > General > Membership: Anyone can register box is not checked.
    return $nav.wp_register("<li class='menu-item'>", "</li>", false)."<li class='menu-item'>".wp_loginout(get_site_url(), false)."</li>";
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