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If one allows visitors of a WordPress blog to register themselves and post to the blog without moderation(i.e. without submit for review), malicious visitors may try to

1)Post a large number of posts and fill up the server space

2)Post a few large posts and fill up the server space

3)Create a large number of drafts and fill up the server space

4)Post inappropriate content

Does WordPress have mechanisms to prevent these? Or any plugins to do this?

P.S: If you see any other problems I have missed please point them out as well.


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You could call a function whenever a user publishes a post (checkout the publish_post action here)

In this function you would first check how many posts your user has already published, and only allow the new post to be published if this number is within a range you specify (ie. < 100)

Then you would check if the post content doesn't contain any "bad words", using strpos for example.

In any case, I would suggest that any large site where users can publish non-moderated content is a bad idea. Although you can make use of the community to sort out the mess, like the "flag" link here on stackexchange for example, which lets users report a "bad" post.

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