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I have products in my store sorted by categories. (Braslets; Rings; Earrings) It was not difficult to adapt my theme for listing products by categories. But now I need to organize my products by collections. I have collections for example 'Spring surprise', 'Smoky winter' etc. First time I thought to assign tags to products, but I also need to show collections description, this means to show tag's description.

How can you advice me to organize products by collections? Does wp-e-commerce allow to set up a tag description?

PS. I'm newbie in wp-e-commerce and it seems to be hard for understanding.

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There's a description field available for the product_tag taxonomy that can be used in your template. You could also add an additional "collections" custom taxonomy for use with the wpsc-product custom post type.

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I have the same question. I can't find what the variables are for single_tag_title() and tag_description( $tag_id ) for the product custom post type. I'm using this code for the regular tag pages for regular posts and it's working:

<?php /* If this is a tag archive */ } elseif( is_tag() ) { ?>

        <h1 class="pagetitle"><?php single_tag_title(); ?></h1>

<div class="catdesc"><?php echo tag_description( $tag_id ); ?>

But I can't figure out where I would find the variables for the products tags to make this work for product archive pages.

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