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Pligg sucks, Hotaru CMS is dead and I'm not sure if the Nominate theme is what I want. Basically I'm trying to create a link submission website like Reddit with WordPress, this would basically mean:

  • Voting
  • Easy link submission
  • Member creation and restriction of groups
  • oEmbed support (optional)

I looked at BuddyPress but it appears it's trying to be more of a social networking site (Facebook) instead of a social link submission site (Reddit).

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These can be nicely done with WordPress using custom post type for link submission, so then the rest becomes very easy using a few plugins:

  • Voting - CMS Vote Up Social CMS News will handle the voting.
  • Easy link submission - simple custom front end post form would do the job (ex: here or you can use plugins like Mini TDO, Gravity forms...
  • Member creation and restriction of groups - this is build in with WordPress, users and roles
  • oEmbed support - here is the only part i can think of that you would have a lot of work with unless you mean giving users ability to oEmbed there links like youtube in which case you can use the built in oEmbed support.
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Awesome, thanks Bainternet :) How would one create a system that users can create their own groups? – FLX May 31 '11 at 13:40
Probably using custom taxonomies, if you mean groups of links, and User_meta if you mean groups of users. – Bainternet May 31 '11 at 13:48

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