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I've set up my loop-attachment.php to show the gallery of thumbnails above the main, selected image using this code from the WordPress Codex:

    $gallery_shortcode = '[gallery id="' . intval( $post->post_parent ) . '" size="mini-thumbnail" columns="10"]';
    print apply_filters( 'the_content', $gallery_shortcode );

However, if the image has a caption, it shows up underneath its image, throwing off my neat little grid of images. I don't want to turn captions completely off or not use them at all, because after the grid and below the main 960x540 image, I want to do an "Image Summary" kind of section, with the filename, original size, caption, description, etc.

Is there a way to turn off captions in the above code? The gallery shortcode section of the WordPress Codex doesn't have anything on it.

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you can always just set a css tag display:none to the caption element

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Yep, I'm an idiot lol. Works just fine. For those wondering, you can just display:none on the "wp-caption-text" OR "gallery-caption" classes. Thanks! – Chris May 31 '11 at 7:25

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