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I have a business site hosted on wordpress. Now, we are planning to have a store locator page. We are looking to build something similar to Apple store locator.

My question is how do we go about creating this? Should I build a plugin or is it possible to embed a php application and have the same "look & feel" as the site? Or can I make use of custom post types?

Please note that, the address info, working hours and images will be stored on the DB.Ideas and suggests are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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You should be able to do this completely with custom post types. Most of the structured info can go in custom fields.

For the geographical info you can read "Optimizing a Proximity-based Store Location Search on a Shared Web Host?", where I explained how to store the coordinates of the stores not only in the postmeta table but also in a separate indexed table to allow quick lookups. Another user of this site packaged this functionality in his Geo Data Store plugin, you can also take a look at that.

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