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I currently have this,

$meta = get_post_meta(get_the_ID(), 'rw_agentPhone', true);
echo "office:";
echo $meta; // if you want to show

Which is fine provided there is a value for rw_agentPhone, but if the profile has no value entered it still displays office:, how can I rewrite this so that office: only dispalys if there is a value for rw_agentPhone.

I know this is basic php but I just haven't been able to crack this.

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This is very basic. Invest some time in a PHP tutorial. It’s fun! :)

Anyway …

$meta = get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), 'rw_agentPhone', TRUE );
// get_post_meta() returns an empty string if it doesn’t find anything.
// We just test for this. If the string is not empty, we print it out.
'' != $meta and print "office: $meta";
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Thanks, that was perfect, much simpler than what I was attempting. I had tried looking at some tutorials but I was thinking the solution would be an if/else but the solutions didn't seem appropriate, so I assumed I was going in the wrong direction. – Chuck May 24 '11 at 1:53
@Chuck You could use if ( '' != $meta ) { print '...'; } but the one-liner is so much more readable. – toscho May 24 '11 at 1:56

If you prefer a regular if structure:

if ($meta = get_post_meta(get_the_ID(), 'rw_agentPhone', TRUE))
    echo 'office: ', $meta;
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Thanks, I actually really like the simplicity of toscho's first answer, I am just getting started with wordpress/php though so to see the various ways to go about is helpful. – Chuck May 24 '11 at 23:34

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