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1st question is: is a nonce required for a meta box? i read on the wordpress codex add_meta_box and they have a nonce for the meta box, i'd thought that maybe the add post form will already include a nonce?

echo '<input type="hidden" name="myplugin_noncename" id="myplugin_noncename" value="' . wp_create_nonce( plugin_basename(__FILE__) ) . '" />';

2nd question is: whats the parameters available for the function that creates the markup of the meta box. from what i read in profesional wordpress looks like

function pp_meta($post, $box)

how will i know what parameters are available in such functions? and what does box refer to?

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Not sure about nonces.

As for arguments it is probably their usage of add_meta_box():

$callback_args (array) (optional) Arguments to pass into your callback function. The callback will receive the $post object and whatever parameters are passed through this variable. Default: null

So $post is post object and $box is whatever they are passing in $callback_args

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The nonce in the example is unrelated to add_meta_box. It's just something that example code is making use of to use it to protect the form, but that's optional. You can learn more about nonces here: wp_create_nonce() : codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_create_nonce – hakre Sep 14 '10 at 17:30

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