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i need help with wordpress custom fields currently i store date in one custom field called audio using the "," and "$" example: name, link $ name, link $ etc i have managed to use the data and split the data using php in my theme i.e the playlist. i just need help in creating a custom metabox with 2 text fields that can be duplicated by clicking on adding more and two more fields would show. i only want to use only one custom field to store the data.


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I don't understand this question at all. Why are you storing the date in a field called audio? Why not use multiple custom fields instead of trying to implement your own serialisation? What 2 fields do you want to show when you click on a button? – anu May 23 '11 at 10:32

You can store an array in a custom field; WordPress serializes it for you on save and unserializes it on get.

Name your fields with a pseudo array syntax:

<input name="mycustomfield[audio]">
<input name="mycustomfield[date]">

You’ll get a $_POST array:

mycustomfield = array ( 'audio' => 'somevalue', 'date' => 'somedate' )

Now you can do whatever you want with it.

Drawback: Meta queries against serialized arrays are hard. Multiple post meta field are much easier to handle.

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