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say i have an option

update_option('pp_options', $options);

when i want to create a form for that, i learnt that i have to create a settings group

register_setting('pp_options_group', 'pp_options');

then in the form do


but i dont really what is the settings group actually for? i know its to do with sanitization but why the need to create a group for sanitization?

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Sanitization is secondary function. Main is:

The register_setting and unregister_setting functions add and remove options from a whitelist of allowed options that the form is able to save. They can also name a sanitize callback function as a security measure to check each option's value. ( Register settings )

Technically $option_group argument is used for:

  • array key in global array of whitelisted options
  • part of filter name to run sanitization callback
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I believe this also adds in the nonces for security, so the plugin developer doesn't have to. – jjeaton Jul 26 '11 at 3:57

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