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I would like to get the last term that was searched, but when not in the search.php page. For that, I know, I could use get_search_query() function, but if user clicks on a post for example, so he is now in the single item and that function will retrieve an empty string. I want to preserve that search phrase and get it on other page.

Any ideas?


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are you looking for 2 day storage or more? Or are you looking for just as long as the users is still logged in. If user logs out then wipe search history – xLRDxREVENGEx May 23 '11 at 4:20
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Best solution would be to store the search phrase on the client-side via local storage or, where not available, in a cookie.

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If you don't want to go the client-side way you might use the WordPress Transients API or just regular PHP sessions as suggested here: http://old.nabble.com/The-WordPress-way-to-store-temporary-per-user-data-(sessions)--td29723244.html

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