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I have a working HTML/JS page that uses Google Maps:


How do I import this into wordpress.barrycarter.info?

Simply cutting/pasting or doing "<?php include()?>" doesn't work, since WP processes the result before displaying it, breaking the page:


(use "view source" to see the hideously mangled JS).

I can't even use the "Google Maps v3 Shortcode" plugin, since the map overlays are generated client-side, not via KML.

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You could put this in as a theme page template. This would let you continue modifying your custom code.

Whatever you do, avoid plugins that let you put raw php in your posts. It's a huge security vulnerability, and it would let people do things such as submit draft posts containing shell scripts to turn your site into a zombie drone for an attacker.

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Use an import plugin to get the rendered results and import these into WordPress.

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