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If anyone can help me I would be gratefull!

I got a gravity form with the post_type fields including the submit image when submited it displays the:

  • title
  • content
  • image
  • tags

So my question is:

When I go to single.php I posted a code: get_related_author_posts(); which calls the authors last two posts in function.php.

Please take a look at the code, that contains/illustrates the problem: http://pastie.org/1926079

I need a little help from my friends the wordpress gurus :)

Thank You all in advance. I'm still learning the more advanced functions but this is where I'm stuck:)

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I edited your Q for readability. – kaiser May 19 '11 at 12:20
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I would use wp_get_attachment_image() (Codex ref), which returns a fully-formed HTML IMG tag:

wp_get_attachment_image( $attachment_id, $size, $icon ); 

I assume you already know how to get the attachment image ID?

The default image size is thumbnail, but you can pass any standard image size (e.g. full, large, medium), or any custom image size added via add_image_size().

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You can find all the functions you need here (see "Related" at the bottom).

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I'm lost, still can't get the image to be previews. I'll try harder :D – jimilesku May 19 '11 at 18:16

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