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As the title says, if a single dash is used with a space between each side eg. 'Die Hard - Action Film' is written in to a WordPress post, once published it comes out as 'Die Hard -- Action Film'. If no spaces are used around the dash it works, but obviously this isn't desired.

I've obviously found out it's not something that happens with a default install of Wordpress but I can't seem to pinpoint what the cause is in my theme.

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You will have to post what theme you are using, the plugins you are using and possibly your functions.php contents to be able to get the help you need. – Digitalchild May 18 '11 at 23:29
there's probably something filtering the_content and doing some sort of swap. as Lyken said- start in your theme's functions.php file, look for any add_filter('the_content','some_func') calls. – Milo May 18 '11 at 23:35
Lyken, thank you so much. I decided to turn off a few plugins and found out the 'Smart YouTube' plugin was the culprit. Now I have to figure out if I can fix it or just drop the plugin all together. – dwhip May 18 '11 at 23:39
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It's lines 396 - 398 in the smart youtube plugin's smartyoutube.class.php file:

function check($the_content, $side = 0)
    if (strpos($the_content, "httpv") !== false  ) 
      $char_codes = array('&#215;', '&#8211;'); // <-- 8211 is an en dash
      $replacements = array("x", "--"); // <-- here's where it's swapping in --
      $the_content = str_replace($char_codes, $replacements, $the_content); // <--
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