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I've created a page that loops posts. Each post acts as a category link so that when you click it brings you to a category archive.

My issue is that wordpress somehow overrides my htaccess and redirects me to the single.php post.

So ill have a category page called 'Neighborhoods'. Within 'Neighborhoods' I have a post called 'Highland Park'. When I click 'Highland Park' it brings you to the the single.php not the archive.php of 'Highland Park.'

Note: I uploaded my wordpress files into a folder called 'pages'. In my htaccess file I have a rewrite where 'neighborhoods/' is 'pages/category/neighborhoods/'

Is there a solution? Am I overlooking something?

Thanks in advance!

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Well, actually Wordpress provides wp redirect function. And here is a small plugin I've used a while back

$redirect_meta_key = 'redirect_to';

add_action('template_redirect', 'redirect_this');

function redirect_this($nothing)
    global $wp_query, $redirect_meta_key;

    if(is_single() || is_page()) {
        $redirect = get_post_meta($wp_query->post->ID, $redirect_meta_key, true);
        if('' != $redirect) {
            header("Status: 302");


No all you have to do is to it in a custom field redirect_to with a value of absolute path to the other page, or alternatively, add a custom meta box

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I'm using a generic redirect solution in my templates that uses custom fields. In my functions.php I have this function:

if (!function_exists('sumo_redirect')):
 * Put this at the very top of a page and give it the current page id. It then
 * checks if there is a redirect_to custom field with another page id that it
 * can redirect to.
 * @param    int    $post_id    The current page.
function sumo_redirect($post_id)
    $redirect_to_meta = get_post_meta($post_id, 'redirect', TRUE);
    if (strlen($redirect_to_meta) > 0)
        $redirect_to = (int) $redirect_to_meta;

        header( "HTTP/1.1 302 Found" );
        header( "Location: " . get_permalink($redirect_to) );

And in my page template (or in your case the post template; single.php) I have this at the very top of the file:

<?php sumo_redirect($post->ID) ?>

Now you can edit your post and add to it a custom field named redirect, enter a post id and it will redirect to that. You might want to alter the function to also accept strings as the redirect destination (or even something more advanced like category:12, post:34, url:http://google.com etc).

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put die() or exit() after header, because in some cases the current script will continue to run... – onetrickpony Jun 22 '11 at 5:45
Good catch, thank you! – maryisdead Jun 25 '11 at 14:47

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