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Suppose I have a [list] shortcode. I want to have a post explaining how to use shortcodes (docs for my theme). How can I have a header like

[list type="arrow"] Shortcode Tag

Currently wordpress will mess it up converting [list type="arrow"] into invalid HTML

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Sidenote: shortcode madness: replacing basic HTML – Geert May 17 '11 at 5:59
possible duplicate of how to show the syntaxis of a shortcode – Jan Fabry May 17 '11 at 7:10
I think the argument is valid. I think one of the reasons why shortcode is simpler for non developers is its better documented in themes and more visible in the editors. WordPress shld add a hook for its editors to allow theme developers to add CSS Classes into the WordPress editor for users to select/view – Jiew Meng May 17 '11 at 7:35
This is already possible, see my answer with a complete example. – Jan Fabry May 17 '11 at 14:22

This is very similar to this question where Jan had given us all a great lesson :)

just use double brackets, WordPress will not execute the shortcode but just display it with single brackets.

so your header would be [[list type="arrow"]]

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