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Can anyone recommend a plugin to accomplish the following in WP?

1) I have a form where a visitor can enter his contact information and list the nice to have items with a price.

For example:

Item Name   |    Item price in $
iPhone      |    100 
iPad        |    200

2) I want the form to be able to calculate total price, add shipping and other fees and display the grand total. If possible, I'd like to also display all this in a different currency using a currency converter. For example,

Totals                |    Price in $          |    Price in Euro
Total Items           |    300                 |    200
Total with Fees       |    480
Pre-Payment           |    144
Payment               |    336

Total Items = 100+200 from the example above Total with fees, pre-payment, and payment are calculated based on a custom formula.

3) I do not need a shopping cart or e-commerce option. The visitor fills out the wishlist form, sees the calculated totals and if he wants, submits this form.


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Take a look at Gravity Forms - It's worth the money.

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