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I need guidance to edit the WordPress plugin and theme files via phpmyadmin

If I want to edit a particular plugin file or remove a plugin completely from database, I could able to find them ,but I can able to find the data tables for options , comments, links etc. I don't know how to edit/remove a particular plugin or theme there.

Could anybody let me know how to find a particular plugin or the entire ' plugins ' folder in data base?

Thank you!

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@user391: As Bainternet stated the files for plugins/themes are not stored in the database. If you meant that you need to edit/remove some data stored by a plugin/theme, then it's possible we can help you. However there's no good generic "do-this" list to remove that data; you'd have to provide specifics of the plugin/theme and the data you want to get rid of. – Manzabar May 11 '11 at 16:17
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Plugins and themes are no in the database, they are physical files under wp-content directory, and that is why you CAN'T find them in the database nor edit them from phpmyadmin.

However WordPress has a built in editor for plugins and themes files. For themes its under appearances -> editor and for plugins its under plugins-> editor.

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Thank you Bainternet ! I need help regarding this and will post it shortly – user391 Jun 9 '11 at 3:24

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