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On the site I am currently developing I have used custom post types for the different types of content it contains (News, Podcasts, Press Releases etc). How would I go about showing the label (plus a bit of text) for each section above the loop?

For example:

Press Releases

Some text under the heading.

  • Press Release 1
  • Press Release 2
  • Press Release 3
  • Press Release 4
  • Press Release 5

Any idea how I would go about achieving this?


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If the template page in question is the archive index for the custom post type, you can simply create a custom template file, archive-{post-type}.php, and add in the Title and custom text.

If you don't want to create a custom template file, you can use this boolean as a conditional in your existing archive.php template file, for creating custom output:

<?php is_post_type_archive( $post_types ); ?>

To retrieve the Title for a Post Type archive:

<?php post_type_archive_title( $prefix, $display ); ?>

To retrieve the current Post Type (for use in PHP):

<?php get_post_type( $post ) ?>

To retrieve all Post Type information (e.g. to output Title, Description, etc. if configured):

<?php get_post_type_object(); ?>
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Just what I was after, thanks alot! – Probocop May 11 '11 at 11:26

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